Saturday, 1 November 2014


Saturday, 1 November 2014
It's the 1st of November! Since I last blogged, I wrote a few time-sensitive posts that are outdated now. Too lazy to go through with publishing them because they were just ramblings and nothing much.

Decided to blog today because I haven't had a proper outlet from all the stress I've accumulated in school. I don't have any final exams this semester and that is why, all my assignments and projects play a big part in deciding my grades, with 70% of my grades dependent on my performance during my last 3 weeks of school. I have about 2 weeks to go!

Going to be blogging about my October this year! Did a few things last month including ice skating, watching a dance concert, attending Pokemon Day and visiting Google Singapore as part of a class excursion!

I went ice skating with SMUX skating team during recess week. It was one of the rare days where I did not touch any form of school or project work.

With Sam!

Hehe riding for free!

SMUX Skating Team booked the whole rink for our event Frolic on Ice and we were split into groups to play some games. Our group came in 2nd but didn't win anything. Oh well! It was fun anyway! :D

Group picture!

Then I went for NUS's Shut Up and Dance before my recess week ended.

Bumped into Apple!

Picture with the BFF. (: You were awesome!!

The girls from Council. (:

Think we kind of went mad because of How Sun's kickass performance. Haha!

Probably the only normal picture we took that night

28th Council! (:

Then I went for Pokemon Day at Jalan Besar Stadium some time ago which happened to coincide with a soccer match between Singapore's Home United and Japan's Albirex Niigata. Bro asked Sam and I along using Pokemon Day as a pretext so we definitely weren't expecting a soccer match! First soccer match I've watched in Singapore!

Waited so long to take pic with this guy

Happy bro got what he came for!

Finally, at the end of October, I paid a visit to Google on the eve of Halloween as part of a class excursion. Now everyone wants to bid for this class next semester. Hahaha.

My groupmates and I! Spirits were all very high that day and we all became kids again.

Our class. (:

It was a really fun day we spent at Google, learning what they do in the Singapore office and of course, taking a tour around the area. The mood was so fun! I guess I ended my October on an awesome note! Time to get back to work! :D

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10 09 14

Wednesday, 10 September 2014
Happy 22 months love!
May we always support each other in times to come, continue to enjoy food and life and be happy! (:

Feeling awesome because I can always be myself with you. ^^
Thank you for accepting my craziness as part of who I am and for always giving me a lot of TLC! <3

Lots of love,


I celebrated my birthday last Saturday and woke up late because I was trying to finish as much work on Friday so that I wouldn't have to worry about Saturday. Met Sam at around 1.30pm. The first thing he did was to blindfold me while he drove us to a mall, and carried me across the carpark because he was afraid I walked too slow and cars were coming. Finally he sat me down, removed my blindfold but asked me to keep my eyes closed and then donned this pair of raybans on me!

I contemplated getting this on exchange last year because it was cheaper in Europe but didn't because it didn't fit me well - I think the pair I tried on was also tried on by many others before me so it was kind of loose. The first time I saw it was on a woman at Niagara Falls whom we asked to help us take a picture. When she was helping us take the picture, I was looking more at her sunnies than at the camera. Hahaha. So when the bf bought me this after my extremely long contemplation, needless to say, I was ecstatic! :D Thank you baby!

After that, we shared some XXL chicken for a light lunch and went to buy some paint supplies because he was preparing to paint his house the next day. I thought all the surprises were over because we were chilling but I was wrong. 

He blindfolded me again as we drove and after that leaned me against a wall by myself while he went somewhere. It was scary because I didn't know if someone would come rob me in daylight because I couldn't see so I held onto my bag super tightly... Anyway, while waiting I heard some plastic bag rustling on my left and felt the need to shift more to the right because I didn't know who this person was.

After what felt like forever, the bf came back and while we were walking away I said "Dear, there was someone beside me just now, who was it?" I thought it was my brother because it sounded like a guy. I said "I know that person is following us, I still hear a plastic bag sound that I heard just now" and he bluffed me saying that it was an ang moh drinking bubble tea (hence the plastic bag rustling) who walked in front of us and went away already. 

Anyway, we navigated and after stepping up a few steps, he made me turn around, carried me up and placed me on a chair which I figured felt pretty awkward for a chair. Then someone started to strap me up and I panicked and asked "Omg where are we??!!" The guy who was strapping me answered "River Safari" and it got me confused because since when did River Safari have such rides right? It took me awhile to realise that I had sat on this before and the only place that would have me strapped like this was.... The GMax Reverse Bungy Jump! Because I was still wearing my blindfold I said to Sam "Omg you are so dead" hahaha.

I swear my heart was beating quite fast and I was panicking because I was afraid that I would have to ride this alone AND with the blindfold on. Imagine not knowing when you're going to shoot into the sky PLUS shooting into a pitch black sky. THANK goodness Sam told them to tell me to take the blindfold off.

After taking them off I had multiple curious stares from onlookers - I'm guessing because I was wearing the blindfold earlier and they were wondering what my reaction would be to all of this. Hahaha. Many times while walking with the blindfold, Sam would say "walk faster, a lot of people are staring" and then he would proceed to walk ahead of me and pull me along behind him and I would go "Don't walk ahead of me! You walk beside me then I have more confidence to walk faster". Other times I'd go "Doesn't matter if they are judging me, I can't see them anyway" and just continued walking at a snail's pace hahaha.

Anyway, I was delighted to find that Sam was beside me all along, not making a single sound. He bought the package with the video (Gopro strapped to the ride) and so everyone who watched it on my FB said that Sam looked more surprised than me on the ride. This is because this is my second time taking this ride (the first time was 10 years ago). Nevertheless, Sam did enjoy it too! After our heads were kind of spinning a little I asked him "How did you know I wouldn't freak out?" and he said "Because that time you say you like these kind of things" hahaha. My smart bf - if it was something I wasn't comfortable with I don't know what I would have done!

After the ride, I finally found out who the "plastic bag person" was - Yvonne!! She was the person beside me all along when I was waiting for Sam earlier and was my "protector" from my imagined daylight robbers. Hahaha. Was too caught up with the surprise that I didn't spot her taking pre-ride shots of me. Hahaha. My sneaky bestie!

So anyway, we headed to Tony Roma's - a placed that Sam predicted I wanted to eat at. My bf can read my mind, or for that matter, my stomach's mind. Major love for the potato skins. Yum. Since my blindfold days were over, I thought all surprises were over! But when I reached Tony Roma's, Olivia appeared!! It was a big surprise for me and I asked Sam "Who else is coming?" Was glad to find out that she was my last surprise for the day. :D

Because we were hungry and wanted to get rid of our dizzy spells from the ride, we shared some ribs and sides and finally dessert - a cake that I told Sam I'd like to try, but didn't know what it was called - something crunchy and praline. The bf drove all the way down to Sheraton Hotel to order it for me and Olivia helped pick it up. (': Feel so loved.

And so that sums up my awesome birthday!! (:

Hehe. Feel so much love today. Thank you all for the wishes. (:

Monday, 18 August 2014

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Saturday, 26 July 2014
We haven't been going out lately so Sam decided to bring me to WTF - We're The Furballs! It is a dog cafe near the 328 Katong Laksa. Our first time going there so I was quite excited. Before going, Sam was telling me "I'm bringing you to the East" and I was thinking "East Coast Park?" He wouldn't tell me so while we were heading there I said I was hungry and he asked "Do you want to eat Katong Laksa?" and I said yes. After parking the car nearby, we walked to the laksa place and passed by the dog cafe and I went "Oooo Furballs!!" and maybe made some comments about going there. So after we ordered our laksa Sam told me that we were indeed going there and that I spoilt my own surprise. Hahaha.


Slinky - one of our favourites

Slinky so emo.

Moochi - the baobei of them all. She just sleeps all day and doesn't even want to play with the other dogs.

This fella is Bui Bui - super apt name for the greediest of them all.

Lola - the picky one, small but fierce.

Lulu, another emo one.

My favourite picture last. Only when Moochi is awake!(:

We paid $9.50 each for the package which includes a drink and could have unlimited time with the fluffies but we only stayed for about 2 hours. Had so much fun that day! Thanks baby. (:

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sam's graduation

Sunday, 20 July 2014
I spent last Monday morning watching the World Cup finals with Sam. 
I managed to catch some shut-eye before joining him so he looks so much sleepier than me!

I was so bored for the first two hours because there was no goal. But was kinda relieved that Götze scored the goal after that - means that I could finally go to sleep and prepare for work! Haha! He's 22 and he scored a winning World Cup goal. I'm 22 and what am I doing?

On Tuesday, I attended Sam's graduation after lunch. I was telling him all he needed was a wand! Haha. It would be super cool if I had a wand for my own graduation haha!

First picture we took after Sam put on his gown.
I was slouching a little hence the awkward body posture ><

When we entered the Suntec carpark, the gantry barrier had directions for us to park in the blue zone. At the lift in the blue zone, they had a big board giving us directions too. At the buffet dinner, the food plates looked real, cutlery looked like metal even though it was plastic and the glasses had silver rims - so classy. I was telling Sam "Now we know where all our money goes too" and was appreciating the meticulous effort and professionalism that SMU put in place for all graduands and their families. *Clap hands*

At the school ceremony. 
Seeing all the graduands made me feel like I was graduating too but nah, not yet!


Happy graduation baby! I know you'll read this. Glad to be with you every step of the way. (:

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Saturday, 5 July 2014
Went to Genting with Sam over the weekend last week. Our first meal was at Old Town White Coffee. Sam had Prawn Mee and I had Ipoh Hor Fun. 

Bubbles and Bites for dinner!

Awaiting our 400g T-bone steak


We spent most of our time eating and chilling. So this was our dinner at a Thai restaurant. 

Sam's Tom Yum Soup

Blackcurrant Pork Ribs - they actually cooked it with Ribena.

My Green Curry - spicy but because it was tasty, I finished almost all the chicken! Forgot to take a picture before I started eating because I was so hungry. Haha! 

Our dessert - Sticky Rice with Mango

We went to try the Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee in KL. Sam tried the one in Macpherson and he said the KL one is better! Guess I don't need to try the Macpherson one already haha.

Mine without chilli. Super yummy! Love it!

Sam's. I tried one mouth after he mixed all the chilli in and my mouth burned throughout the whole meal.

Satisfied after a yummy meal! I love noodles!

While walking to Chinatown I found a place I used to stay when I visited KL when I was a kid.

Sam brought me to this back alley where we had the Tze Char he ate the last time he came to KL a decade ago.

He was searching high and low for this place because he missed the food. 

San Huang Dan - the dish he desperately wanted to eat again.

Our meal!

After KL we went back to Genting and had a second dinner at a Chinese restaurant. 

Sam ordered the Herbal Duck noodle soup

And I ordered the Ipoh Hor Fun.

When we just started eating, Sam took a spoon to try my soup and he said "I like yours better than mine". Curious, I took a sip of his and I said I like his better than mine! So we switched. After we finished eating, he said "I got a secret to tell you... I actually like mine better than yours." I was like "What?! Why didn't you tell me! I ate finish already" and he said "because you kept staring at it so I know you wanted to eat mine!" 

I mean who wouldn't stare at the Herbal Duck when you're served with the Ipoh Hor Fun right? Just look at the difference in their presentation! Hahaha. So anyway this boy gave me the yummier one to eat again... (': 

Lastly our Fried Beancurd which tasted more like fish cake haha.

And that was the end of our trip!
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