Friday, 26 June 2015


Friday, 26 June 2015
Went for a RWS staycation with Sam about a month ago. We didn't take a lot of pics but we enjoyed ourselves and had many long walks, fun suppers, interesting conversations and just shared each other's company. (:

We also watched people trying iFly and it got us interested too... until we found out that it costs $99 per pax for 2 x 45 seconds of fly time. That's like more than $1 per second of fly time... like what???! Our skydive on exchange costed us USD$200 per pax, which is about SGD$260 according to the exchange rate then... which is so much more worth. Then again, how are we going to fly all the way there to skydive again hahaha...

Anyway, just some pictures we managed to snap before the sun set.

Happy happy! We were so looking forward to this staycation because Sam works on alternate saturdays and this staycation weekend was one of the rare weekends he got to really rest and recharge!

This was a "Orchid Connection"?
We never walked in though, just decided to snap pics with the pretty flowers!

I like this "fairytale" shot hehe.

And this too! Though it was already dark...


We were tourists in Singapore that day - we were discussing about it and concluded that Singapore is actually a really pretty place that is sadly unexplored by locals. Such a pity, we should explore Singapore more! (and work less!) Haha. Sounds so challenging...

Sam's birthday just passed last week and we watched Minions together. Truth to be told, I wanted to watch Minions more than him but he still decided to spend his day watching it with me! Hehe. The movie was so funny... I love Bob!!! Bob is so cute... I'm going to buy a Happy Meal just to get the Bob toy. So old already still buy happy meal hahaha. This is the 1st time I'm doing something like this but I guess it's fun! Haha!

No pretty pics from that day because we had dinner in a very dim restaurant, and also, I forgot to take a shot with Sam. ): Was upset when I realised and it was too late because the day had already passed... but oh well, at least we ate a lot of good food, spent time chilling, window shopping and catching a movie! Yay to a simple but happy day! (:

Saturday, 9 May 2015


Saturday, 9 May 2015
Happiness is an understatement. I've also never gotten 8 straight As in my life but...

I'm super duper happy! My hard work paid off! My GPA is 4.0/4.0, not once, but twice in a row! 
Dean's list FTW!!! Whee!! (':


Took a short trip to BKK with the cousin last week. I guess this was kind of like my grad trip! Hehe. We ate and shopped so much! :P

This was at Audrey's Cafe and Bistro at Siam Centre.

Their food is amazeeeee-ing

 Tom Yum Goong Pizza - tom yum pizza with prawns! Wasn't too spicy for me!

Thai Tea Crepe. Don't really understand the craze about this one, just tastes extremely creamy to me.

Asiatique Night Market

Wanton mee with char siew, duck and crab meat

Boat Noodles at Victory Monument. This was noodles in sour soup. First bowl was way too spicy. Consequently, we ordered the non-spicy version! Tasted so good! (:

This was beef noodles in thickened soup. We were a little hesitant about trying this because we found out the soup was made out of pig's blood but it was worth the try! No weird taste at all!

I had 5 bowls and Darren had 9. Yum!

Chatuchak coconut ice cream!

Green curry chicken with noodles and rice. 
The portion was way too little but that left us space for dessert!

This day also happened to be Darren's 24th birthday so we celebrated by eating dessert at the After You cafe in Siam Paragon!

 Mudpie with ice cream

Baby-size Shibuya Honey Toast - the best!

 Terminal 21

 SabX2 Wanton mee at Pratunam. We had 2 bowls each! Yummy! 
This one lives up to its name. Too good!

 Back on the last day at Audrey's cafe for more food! 
We actually wanted to play Gokart but the place was booked for a school event.

Thai Iced Tea - tastes so much like the one from SMU's Loaves Me cafe. Been trying many Thai Iced Teas since we landed in Thailand but this was by far the most balanced and the best! 

Milo Crepe. I personally like this better than the Thai tea crepe. Like a lot better - maybe because it's chocolate/milo.  

This was the best Calamari rings I've ever tried in my life! Truffle fried calamari. Too good to be true!

Waffle with Strawberry ice cream. The ice cream was really good - didn't try the waffle though, was too full by the time this came.
And that was the end of our BKK trip! 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Next Phase

Thursday, 30 April 2015
I have a lot to be excited about recently. I'm moving onto my next phase in life soon - the working world! Gone will be my summer holidays - then again they were never there since I've been interning every summer. Nevertheless, it still feels good!

The only thing I'm left with at school is picking up some of my official certs before I get no more access to school systems, receive my final grades for this semester on 8th May (*pray for the best*), and my graduation ceremony on 15th July! Yippee!

Went cycling with my dad today. Met an extremely cute poodle along the way who wanted to play with us. At first she came to our feet with a small branch but left when her owner called. After they walked one round, she came back again, this time with a bigger branch which she placed on my feet, desperate to play a game of fetch. I didn't play with her, but passed her owner the branch to throw instead. Such a cute little playful one. (:

Cycled along a long stretch of park connectors for the first time today and I must say, the government really put in a lot of effort to make the stretches of park connectors so scenic and relaxing. Singapore is so small yet all these are places I've never been to before, and it doesn't even feel like an urban area, it really feels like a big green park.

Later in the evening, I went for a BBQ dinner with the diving team. Almost walked into my friend's pond because it was in the middle of the house. Haha! Lucky for me I stared a bit longer and harder to see if there was really glass over the fishes - there wasn't, before I continued walking.

It's been a long and fulfilling day today. Glad I got to spend so much time with so many people today. (:

Good night.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Tuesday, 7 April 2015
I'm unofficially done with school! I ended classes last week. I felt extremely uplifted when I ended my very last class, being the last presenter of the last presentation of the semester. This also happened to be my very very last presentation in SMU so I concluded the presentation with "With this, I end our presentation and I end my final presentation in SMU". Those words felt so awesome to say out loud!

Anyway, I'm not officially done with school yet. The commencement ceremony has yet to come and I also have 3 reports due and final exams to take. So much for "last day of school". -.-

Ate lunch at Nam Nam with Joey on Thursday and then we proceeded to take pictures! We tried our best to include Rachel in our photos using the tablet but with little luck.

Here's Joey and I! She was my very first friend in SMU. We were coincidentally in the same Freshmen Teambuilding Camp (FTB) group and Bondue Camp (Business School) group. It was awesome knowing her throughout these 4 years even though we distanced a little as we eventually declared different majors and couldn't bid together as often anymore. Nevertheless, <3 <3 <3!

Trying to incorporate a life-sized Rachel face which failed... In the end we just left the screen black for Joey to photoshop.


Also, because 5 of us divers were in the same Ethics class together, we took some shots before leaving school too!
Jesslyn, Che'rie, Me, Teck and Luxuan

School is finally "over"! Sort of at least. Still got to meet these deadlines even though I already feel kind of burnt out right now. Tata... to a good night's sleep and a new day tomorrow!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Summer is coming!

Monday, 30 March 2015

It's the start of week 13 and it is my final lesson week in SMU! Time passes too fast and now I find myself savouring all my favourite foods in school before I don't get the chance to anymore - Prawn Aglio Olio from Tea Party, Green Curry Rice, Coco Custard and Thai Iced Tea from Loaves Me, Dumpling Soup and 7-inch pizza from Koufu, freshly-made Ham and Egg sandwich from Breadtalk. Yum!

Before I leave, I think I also need a dip in the swimming pool and the gym if possible. The library has been my favourite place this past year so I can say I've definitely made good use of all the new furniture and facilities after the renovation. Hehe.

I've an individual essay due tomorrow and I guess I am here to stir up some imagination in my brain, again. Heh. School life has been hectic ever since we finished the Chingay parade. I guess hectic can be good especially when I've spent the past year mostly alone after watching batches of friends graduate, including Sam. =/ School can get really lonely sometimes because we all take different modules but I guess this is going to be how it is, and I only have 1 week left! YAY! (I'm totally excluding the fact that I do have final exams after this one week is done though hahaha.)

Well, I guess it's back to work now for me! My next post will probably be when school is finally over! (:

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Year 4

Wednesday, 18 March 2015
It's 2am and I have (sort of) a final exam tomorrow for one of my modules, but it is days like these that inspire me to write something.

Being a year 4 and about to graduate, I've become an expert at living this life in SMU. I have less than 4 weeks left and just thinking about it makes me feel a little sad. It's week 11, I have 2 presentations and 2 reports due next Tuesday and these are barely near completion, yet I don't feel the stress. Managing projects like these have become second to nature and it's the weekly plannings I've been doing that takes the stress away from my never-ending pile of work so that I can just focus on the tasks to complete.
Chingay 2015 - one of my modules

This semester, I'm striving to meet an academic goal I set out for myself. I don't know if I'm halfway there yet because the bulk of the assessment relies on my performance these final 4 weeks. I can only hope that it will turn out okay.

Listening to ex-SMU students have also made me realise a lot about the working world and their experiences help shape my expectations. I think something I've been doing right or trying to do better is to focus more on my loved ones and family. Coming home early, eating at home, chit chatting and teasing each other are some things I know my parents look forward to from me - and I've been trying my best recently. I'm glad I'm trying to incorporate some work-family balance in my life.

Reflecting on my own life, I can only think of 2 things right now: 

1. Life is short, make time for your family. 
2. Live each day without regrets.

I hope I will always keep this close to my heart. (:
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