Thursday, 5 November 2015

It's 1am and I can't sleep

Thursday, 5 November 2015
I have had no time to blog since I started work. I usually prefer spending time with my family or Sam after work. Reaching home around 8pm and aiming to sleep by 11pm only gives me a 3 hour gap to do things and I guess I haven't optimised my time as well as I want to yet. Today is one exception; I'm wide awake at 1am and decided to blog. Oh well, at least I've been coping okay and getting enough sleep everyday for a start! (:

I went on a short trip to Penang with my family some time in August (I think. I don't remember time anymore after starting work). We stayed somewhere near Gurney but visited places in Georgetown too.

Of course, we couldn't miss the street art. 

Most people have not seen me dressed like this. I call this my lao pok shorts which I wear to look deliberately unfashionable so that hopefully I won't catch the eye of robbers. As for my shoes, sometimes while overseas I dress to feel comfy and you can never go wrong with sport shoes. (:

Then again, my dress sense overseas generally depends on the weather + whether I feel safe in the country + terrain of the places I'm visiting. Heh.

There was this big fake camera at a camera museum we walked past somewhere in Georgetown and we could see each other through the huge lens. Bro took a picture of me through the lens of his camera, looking through the lens of the big fake camera. Some camera inception going on there.

Me with a bike! This has probably got to be my favourite street art of all. 

1. The bike is cool and vintage. I love vintage.
2. I have a license to ride it!
3. Or maybe not since it's defunct.
4. Oh damn... the tires are punctured.

On our last night, we had Sushi Teh at Queensbay mall. It was such a hearty meal but it was a lot cheaper than Singapore! This was Dad judging me after I did something ridiculous - ok I put 2 chopsticks in my mouth and pretended I was a vampire. Childish I know... but food was taking really long to come and my fingers were itchy.

Waiting for our flight home!


Awhile after I started work, my oldest cousin got married. Congrats Jeffrey and Joanna! (: Sadly I don't have nice photos of just them alone or us with them. Anyway, we took some shots in between the ROM and the lunch reception!

My favourite people! (:

This dress I'm wearing is extremely overused for weddings. There was only 1 wedding this year for which I did not use this dress (only because I already used the dress the day before for another wedding). I love wearing this dress because... it feels like it's tailored for me (even though it's not). Even though the back is bare, I feel extremely safe wearing it because it's tight enough at the right places. And also, it's pretty don't you think? :D

With my cousins and aunt.

So that's all the updates I have for now. Am getting the sleepy headache-y feels now. Good night! I wonder if people still read this blog.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Graduation shoots

Thursday, 3 September 2015
After my commencement ceremony, I did a couple of grad shoots with my closest. (:

Thank you Joey, Justin, Zane and Zhu Hong for helping us take them! Photo credits to Joey and Zane!

Each photoshoot was sweaty and hot but I'm so glad we took them! Yay to memories for life. (: Shall enjoy my last few weeks of freedom before I start work!!!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Commencement 2015

Sunday, 19 July 2015
Unlike the graduation ceremonies of NTU/NUS held over a couple of days, SMU's commencement is one big day where the whole class of 2015 graduate together.

I started off my day getting myself registered at the counter and then decided to skip the opening ceremony and enjoy my lunch instead. Robert Timms was still having their 1-for-1 promotion so Sam and I decided to have that for lunch!

We shared a burger set and a pot of mussels. Pretty filling but worth the $33 we paid in total. (:

We continued window shopping around Suntec and the Godiva shop caught my eye. Since Sam had not tried the ice cream before, I led him there and we got a cone each! Sam chose the dark chocolate and I had the twist (half dark, half white chocolate). Sinful pleasures. :D

The verdict: Chocolate lovers should go for the dark chocolate. Glad that it's not bitter at all because I'm not a fan of dark chocolate... hehe. I decided to get the twist so that the richness wouldn't be too overwhelming. 

My happy boy with his very rich chocolatey ice cream! (:

Time passed pretty quickly and we decided to head back to the convention area to take pictures since most graduands were at the opening ceremony and we didn't have to fight for the backdrop to take pictures! It was a good thing that my parents and brother arrived by then to join us too! (:

My family... thank you for all the support you have provided me not just through these 4 years but throughout my entire life. These 4 years in SMU have made it difficult for me be home early and eat dinners together with all of you, but I hope you know that I've tried my best and I hope that you can 放心 now that one of your two children has graduated! (: You probably don't know this but when the dean asked all the graduands to face our parents and give a huge round of applause as a form of gratitude, I teared a little because I wouldn't have been able to make it so far without all of you. (': I love you Mummy, Daddy and little bro. (:

Sam. (:

Bf, thank you for being my pillar and helping me grow stronger through these 2.5 years. Thank you for complementing my weaknesses and never let me doubt my abilities. Also, thank you for making sure I get home safe from late night meetings and vetting my assignments till you blur... hehe sorry! ily <3

Bestie Yvonne and pretty girl Vanna came too! Thank you for coming and sticking by me through all these years! <3 I feel very fortunate that next time my children will have awesome Godmas hehehe. (:

Passed my 4 years with these 2 girls Joey and Rachel (well, most of it!) (: Glad to have met Joey since my day 1 at camp and then Rachel after. I'm thankful for all the mods I got to bid together with you especially since I suck at setting e$ for bids. When I bidded my major mods in Iceland alone, I overbidded every single mod by e$20. Hahaha. That's when I realised my year 1 and year 2 bidding rounds were awesome with the both of you! Hehe. Also, thank you for seeing me through my highs and lows especially in year 2 and for tolerating my sometimes half-past-six work... I only realised it when I started my major and was a lot more focused in year 3-4. (: 

SMUX Divers - Mark, Sam, me, Iris, Kai Keng, Chin Teck, (Almeric), Lu Xuan, Che'rie! (: Glad to have met all of you in the sport I love most in SMU - diving. It has been so much fun with all of you, especially since I was fortunate enough to bid a mod with some of you in the last semester! Hehe. I hope we will keep in touch because it would be awesome to go diving with all of you again. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mid-July Musings

Tuesday, 14 July 2015
~ This is going to be a very random post of unrelated events that happened recently ~

It was my first time going to a friend's wedding, and also a cool one since I went with my mum. Congrats Doreen! (: Your wedding was a very heartwarming one. (:

My favourite dress from VGY that Yvonne got for me. It has been worn so many times in such a short span of time! The back is awesome (;

Met with BFF awhile back too! We ate lunch at Holland V and then had ice cream at Daily Scoop for dessert! (:

And then I went on a food escapade with Sam. We were searching for yummy risottos to eat and found Froth Cafe at BIG Hotel. The ambience is nice! Food is nice too!

This was the lobster sandwich we shared and we upgraded our fries to truffle fries.

This was actually what we came for - the Tom Yum Seafood Risotto. It's spicy but I think Sam liked it! Yay!

Then we did a combined meet up with the girls because Nic came back for 2 weeks!! 2 weeks went really fast...

Following that, this happened to be one of my random days where I needed to run errands in town/school and I dropped by Orchard Central just before lunch time to avoid the crowd and eat this! Truffle Yakiniku Don. The lunch time price was $14.80 which was reasonable! If I had decided to come here for dinner I would be paying $17/$18 instead. Yummy beef, egg and truffle! 

Since I was on some kind of yummy food spree these past few weeks, I was craving ice cream... almost everyday. It didn't help that my mum bought mini almond magnums 2 boxes at a time and I was always opening the fridge to search for food.

So of course, when Sam drove past a Daily Scoop branch near his place, I kept thinking about it and we decided to head there one day after dinner!

We had waffles with Hazelnut Haven and Rum and Raisin. I cannot appreciate rum so I ate most of the hazelnut... as usual. Hehe.

Just a few days back, Sam and I had mookata with his friends. We ate at a place in Orto Village. I think we've had mookata here more than 5 times in the past few months already. Yummy!

Feels weird to blog without a theme but I can't be bothered. Haha.
Oh, and I'm graduating tomorrow. Whoo hoo!! So excited! :D

Hmm.. time to go search the fridge again... I'm hungry.
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