Thursday, April 3, 2014


I miss this space. It's been 2 months since my last post and my days have been largely uneventful. It's week 13 and tomorrow is my last day of class till August! I almost can't believe it's April already. My exams start next week and I still have one final submission next Friday.

The past few days I've been unusually moody and it got me reflecting on my values and principles in life, the relationships I'm keeping with friends and family and among other things, what I really want out of life.

In secondary school, a teacher once told me, if there's one thing that you must take away from me, it's that you should not burn bridges. His reason for this was that you'll never know if you need these relationships one day. I used to believe in that, and I would try my best to always be a friend, to not sour relationships with people beyond repair. I think what I learnt from standing by this principle is that one should always try their best to build relationships with people and to not make enemies.

As a result, I think I've learnt to be milder over the years, to be a little less critical. I've learnt to say sorry and sorry goes a long way in mending relationships because of that admission of honesty and humility that you are not perfect and you can be wrong.

Fast forward a decade, I've learnt these lessons of humility and the importance of relationships. But my outlook on relationships have changed. I think burning bridges may be necessary at times when relationships are toxic. Obviously I didn't come to this conclusion overnight. Continuing such relationships has only made me feel not only uncomfortable but constrained. I am not myself and I can never show who I really am because I get judged.

I used to feel that maybe I'm just feeling left out and I just need acceptance. But after awhile I realised that no, what I really want and what I really need is to get out. I am left out but I don't want acceptance because I know I don't belong. I don't want to belong either because then I would be fake and I definitely don't want to be someone I'm not. It's a new way I'm looking at things now and I think this resolution can only come from within.

On a cheerier note, school is ending tomorrow and I'm starting my internship next month! Whoo hoo! I really can't wait to learn new things because I've finally, finally found something I like and that I'm passionate about. It would be best if I could do something that I really enjoy right? (: So excited!

Okay. It's back to crunch time now. Hope I can update more after exams! (:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vday 2014 with my favourite person!

A lot of couples stayed home to cook awesome meals for their partners this year. Though we didn't do that, we had a picnic with all the takeaway food that we love. :D

To start the day, my dear gave me a bouquet of roses, with ferrero rocher! I still can't bear to eat the chocolate because then it would leave a big hole in the middle of the arrangement. 

So after staring at the chocolate because I was starting to get hungry, we started with food shopping! We bought Pokka's blood orange juice from the supermarket and some honey green tea and headed to Wisma Atria to order some shiok maki from Koh's Grill and Sushi Bar. We hadn't eaten it since June last year so my cravings for it were super high. While we were waiting for our order to be ready, we ended up whetting our appetite with a cheesecake at Paris Baguette, 2 floors down.

So this was no. 1 in our tummy!

Hungry boy, looking a little sleepy while patiently waiting for our takeaway shiok maki to be ready.

So when we finally received our order, we took off and headed to Ah Chew's dessert at Bugis where I took away some mango sago. Then, on our way to ECP, we ended up buying some durian puffs from Puteri Mas. Everything went into the ice box to keep them cool!

We chilled at ECP for quite awhile. I think we were just too lazy to move after we ate. 
The man behind the scenes, carrying the ice box and all. (: <3

Happy baby. (:


I either put my hat on his head and he didn't take it off or he put it on himself... either way, he always does things like this to make me smile or laugh. He wore it while driving me home and I took it off him because I was afraid he couldn't see the road.

We were getting a little warm and lethargic so we decided to head back Sam's place to chill in aircon before dinner! On our way back, we went to Mellben and ordered Crab bee hoon for our takeaway dinner. I ended up buying some Hazelnut Koi too. Yum. 
We chilled for the rest of the day and watched some Vampire Diaries and Arrow. The crab bee hoon was good but we couldn't finish all so we shared some with Aunty and Uncle too! After dinner we had the durian puffs for dessert and that sums up our day! :D

Thank you for everyday love, I feel happy just being with you. Vday is special because people made it out to be that way but you're special everyday. :D

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A month before Valentine's

I should be sleeping for my 8am class tomorrow but well, thoughts of a special someone just kept popping up in my head and I thought to just share a little of what life is like with him... (:

Sometimes, couples get caught up in finding something to do to pass time and run out of ideas where to go. It's common especially when Singapore is a tiny island and there aren't many romantic or fun places to go even when you're free. But with Sam, we spend most of our time doing nothing, really relaxing and talking about our days, things that matter, things that don't matter, anything under the sun. (Well in this case, we were hugging chunks of snow errr... in the snow. Haha! )

In many ways, he's like my best friend and I'm happy to have found that in him. I guess we don't really indulge in movies or fancy meals all the time but we really enjoy each other's company - usually over food. Food binds people, oh it really does! Hahaha. Even though I see him almost everyday like a ritual, he asks me out on special dates. The best part that happened recently - he booked a reservation for a place that he thinks I might want to go without telling me beforehand and then on the day itself, I suggest we head there. Yup - I forgot to mention he can read minds, or maybe just mine.

This was a picture of me guiltily eating an ice cream. The thing was, we ordered 2 scoops each. After trying each other's flavours, I found that his hazelnut was extremely yummy and he saw it written all over my face. After that, he exchanged his ice cream with mine and I felt so bad but at the same time extremely happy that I got to eat the nicer flavour.

This was a picture he took of me on a 3-hour rhine river cruise - I was too tired and it was too warm that I fell asleep. I woke up and he showed me all my unglam pictures and told me I couldn't delete any!!!

The best thing about him is that he makes me feel special and it's the kind of special where I feel like I'm me, entirely me, ordinary but special... not an ideal me and of course nothing like anybody else. He knows all my flaws, he sees all of them but he still chooses everyday to be with me. When a situation comes up, he explains things in perspective calmly to me and never makes me feel bad about myself. His objective is always to make me feel better, not by just telling me to feel better, but making the effort to reach out to me at my level to overcome something together with me. His patience with me is so amazing...

This was a picture where I was using the dust blower to quirt air into his ear, hair, anywhere I found funny and he could tolerate me and still use photobooth... Hahaha!

This was a picture where I asked him to wear the minnie mouse headband to take a pic with me so we would look similar and he did it, without a whine at all...

Another thing is how we love adventures and love to do them together. In the Bahamas, he told me that he booked a shark dive and I said ok. We had two days of dives and I set off thinking that it would be on the second day. On the bus to the boat dock, he said "Wait, it can't be tomorrow, it's today!" Mm yup, I had no mental preparation that I was going to do it that afternoon at all but we still went and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest! 

I'm someone who can be a happy, bouncy individual by myself but yet when I'm with him, I still have the potential to be uplifted, to become this crazy individual bursting with ideas, wit and excitement that I want to share everything with him. I wonder how he does that...

Most of the time, he knows what I'm going to think before I think it and then catches me in my thought process. I also appreciate that he remembers details - I think all girls would. I think for anyone to do that, you need to make the effort and he does. For any meal he buys for me - he remembers that I don't eat chilli. For every sambal stingray that he orders, even if its for a group of people, he would order half with chilli and half without, and he would make it a point to tell the person to not put chilli on the half without bones - because he knows I always have difficulty with bones. When it comes to chicken wings, I always eat it last because I can't eat a chicken wing without making a mess and yes I'm really pampered here because whenever I'm with him, he peels his chicken wing, gives all the meat to me (and eats all the skin because I don't eat the skin) and he takes my untouched chicken wing in exchange - all the time.

For someone who never likes any sport apart from diving, going on a trek with me last year just because I said I wanted to was really special... (:

I don't know what else to say except a big thank you... to my partner who loves me without thinking, who makes me feel comfortable in my own skin even when I'm feeling out of it. To the person who always looks out for me especially when he knows he can't be there to accompany me all the time, who sends me home all the time even though it is inconvenient or when he's extremely sleepy. To the person who isn't afraid to be truthful at all levels with me, who always wants the best for me and never pressures me for anything. To the person who makes the effort to communicate with me and share with me the good and the bad, and to never run me down, ever. To the person who always protects me, sometimes even from myself. To the person who treats me like a princess yet gives me the respect and space for me to handle things on my own. Thank you baby, for never saying no to me. I'm extremely fortunate to have you in my life... (:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

U with the S and the A - Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco

During the final leg of our short trip away from Iceland, we visited the other side of US. I enjoyed San Fran and all the different versions of clam chowder we tried. Yum!

Fremont street experience
In Las Vegas, we went skydiving and I was the first to jump off the plane. It was exhilarating and just fantastic to be overwhelmed for that free fall moment of a lifetime.
And yes I was drowning in the suit they gave me - probably because they had no small sizes left.

Enjoying myself to the max
And happy that I completed the jump!!!
Waited for Sam to come down and took this awesome shot.
You can tell we thoroughly enjoyed our dives!

Having a little fun in Hollywood. I was actually sitting beside Bugs Bunny.
We stayed at this hostel - the hollywood youth international hostel. It is situated at the most convenient location, just opposite Hollywood highland center and the chinese theatre but please DO NOT ever go there. I got bitten by bed bugs all over my arms and legs and it was just a horrid place to live in. When we spoke to other patrons, they complained of bed bugs too.

Just outside the hostel - shopping!
Universal Studios Hollywood - this was exceptionally special, simply because I love visiting theme parks like these (I have probably been to USS Singapore 4-5 times already) and it was also my first anniversary present from Sam. Had so much fun and the weather couldn't be more perfect!

Unlike USS Singapore, they have a plethora of packages and discounts. We paid for one day and got this year free! (:
Also, I think it's extra cool that they printed our names on the tickets hahaha - of course I know it's for verification purpose in case we come back.
Hugging the fluffy plushy. Love how stupid it looks!
One of the rides we sat on was a studio tour where a tram would bring us through many film sets in Hollywood and it was just amazing. This was one of them - a huge plane crash. The fake dead bodies were there because they were preparing for halloween.
We just had to take a picture with him because for one of our modules in Iceland, we had to read his whole story and write a group essay on him. Frankenstein - the monster who terrorised us in many ways.
I kind of thought he was trying to prank us or that he was a fake guard standing at his post but he called us over to take pictures with him and these were the two.

What an awesome personality.

Of course we wouldn't leave hollywood without taking a picture with the famous sign!
This was as close we could get - a background picture.
Alas, we were invited to take several hilarious photos of ourselves just to see how we looked and we ended up purchasing this. 

Leaving the studios
We headed outside USS to the Citywalk. They had several shops and restaurants and we had dinner at a cheap place before heading back home. We tried our best to stay out as late as possible just to avoid going home to bed bugs. ):

Since we stayed just opposite Hollywood highland center, we crossed over on the last day to take some shots of the Hollywood sign from far. We didn't have time to travel nearer to take a closer shot. I guess in a way this was good enough. 
This was one of the favourite parts of my trip and an impromptu one too! We actually reserved a day for Disneyland but it would take 6 hours in total to travel to and fro by public transport, so we decided to give it a miss and find somewhere else to spend our day. I chanced upon this Citadel outlet mall while googling and it took us 2 hours and 2 buses to get there. Brands like U.S Polo Association, Kate Spade, DKNY were really reasonably priced there. I walked away with a lot of goodies that day. Guilty.
Finally, San Francisco! The temperature was a drastic change from LA which was 28 degrees in the day at that time. I froze when I reached San Fran and Sam bought me a jacket because I was hopping from store to store desperately just to stay warm.
Fisherman's wharf
Sourdough bread - turtle shaped
Clam chowder! We had many many more after this one. We made it a point to buy clam chowder from as many different sellers as we could just to try.

We cycled to the Golden Gate bridge on the same day we took the cruise to Alcatraz prison. Our cruise was set for 3pm in the afternoon and therefore since we woke up late, we didn't have time to cycle all the way to Golden Gate and back but we were close enough to take these nice pictures! We were fortunate enough to view this bridge one last time when on the plane leaving San Francisco except that it was covered in fog and the only thing we could see was the top of the vertical structures. It was still kind of cool if you can imagine it.
Enjoying the city with my new fluffy warm jacket!
Alcatraz prison. We stayed to tour till closing time. The most interesting part was learning the story of the 3 escapees who were never found.
One of the nicer jail cells

In jail

Our cruise boat
Bought this crab at Fisherman's wharf. It was fresh, cheap and extremely juicy! We were eating this while standing by the road side and watching fireworks at the same time. They were celebrating the anniversary of Fisherman's wharf. What an experience!
And that was the end of our US side trip!